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I make things for the web.

I'm a fullstack developer from Copenhagen, Denmark. This is my portfolio! In a nutshell, I like making things for the web and exploring new technologies.

About me

Hey! My name is Martin. I'm officially a computer science student at the University of Copenhagen but outside of studying I spend time nerding over web technologies and building things using them. I love the process of creating something from scratch and seeing it come to life.

Do you want a little insight into my thoughts on building web applications? As cliché as it sounds, I like simple things. I like things to be clean, isolated, small, and minimalistic. I always keep simplicity in mind whether I'm building the UI or deciding the folder structure for the backend.

Here's a picture of me if you were wondering what I look like (;

A picture of me


  • A picture of the project
    • React
    • Typescript
    • Semver

    React Denmark Map

    React Denmark Map is a library for React that allows developers to display an SVG of Denmark. It can be programmatically customized through an intuitive API.

  • A picture of the project
    • Next.js
    • GraphQL
    • Typescript


    Onsplash is a clone/recreation of the image-sharing platform Unsplash. In addition to replicating Unsplash’s iconic gallery design, Onsplash enables users to perform CRUD operations on their own and other’s images.

  • A picture of the project
    • Next.js
    • TailwindCSS
    • Strapi

    Strapi blog

    A simple blog posts app built using Strapi and Next.js, meant to practice connecting a CMS to a frontend. Includes several blogs with randomly generated titles and filled with dummy text.


Lenus eHealth

Student software engineer

December 2022 - now

I became part of the regular development flow in a health tech company and developed features using React and React Native for the frontend and GraphQL in the backend. Participated in technical planning, code reviews, and coordinated with designers and product managers. Met loads of friendly and highly talented people (:


Methods and concepts

Methods and concepts within computer science and management that aid me in my work.
    Version controlTesting hierarchyAgile methodsParticipatory design


Programming, markup, and query languages I use.
    HTML + CSSTypeScriptPythonC# + F#GraphQLSQL

Frontend technologies and libraries

Technologies I use to develop user interfaces.
    Svelte + SvelteKitReactNext.jsRemixTailwind CSSReduxVitestCypress

Backend technologies and databases

Technologies I use for building backends and persisting data.
    FastifyExpressPostgreSQLSupabaseApollo GraphQL


Wanna connect? Drop me an email or shoot me a message on LinkedIn (linked below). I'm not very good at reaching out myself so I love when others do it first!