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I build web projects.

I'm a passionate web developer from Copenhagen, Denmark focusing on frontend development. I enjoy working in React and Next.js to build applications that solve real problems. I'm not currently looking for new opportunities but I'm always down for a chat, so feel free to reach out.

About me

Hi, my name is Martin and I am a 19-year-old who enjoys building clean and maintainable web projects. I'm currently in my first year of computer science at the University of Copenhagen, but my interest in web development started during gymnasium.

I began learning Python during my first year of gymnasium and after getting hooked on it I decided to expand upon my programming skills by taking it as a class. Determined to do something more with my understanding of programming, I decided to take up web development which I've been doing ever since.

Outside of studying and creating projects I enjoy reading, playing video games and occasionally riding my mountainbike.

A picture of me


  • A picture of the project
    • React
    • Typescript
    • Semver

    React Denmark Map

    React Denmark Map is a library for React that allows developers to display an SVG of Denmark. It can be programmatically customized through an intuitive API.

  • A picture of the project
    • Next.js
    • GraphQL
    • Typescript


    Onsplash is a clone/recreation of the image-sharing platform Unsplash. In addition to replicating Unsplash’s iconic gallery design, Onsplash enables users to perform CRUD operations on their own and other’s images.

  • A picture of the project
    • Next.js
    • TailwindCSS
    • Strapi

    Strapi blog

    A simple blog posts app built using Strapi and Next.js, meant to practice connecting a CMS to a frontend. Includes several blogs with randomly generated titles and filled with dummy text.



  • HTML

  • CSS

  • javascript (ES6)

  • typescript

  • python

frontend technologies

  • react

  • next.js


  • tailwindcss

  • graphql

  • redux (+ RTK)


  • cypress

  • jest

  • react testing library

version control

  • git

  • github


  • figma

  • affinity designer / photo


I'm not currently looking for new opportunities but you're more than welcome to reach out to me for a chat! I'm also active on a few different social media platforms, and you can find links to those profiles below.